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Tummy tucks take care of an embarrassing abdomen by tightening muscles and removing excess fat and skin. When tummy tuck surgery is performed by the experienced surgeons at MedWeight and Lasers in Irvine, California, you get the well-toned abdomen you envisioned. If you have any questions about tummy tucks, call the office, or schedule an appointment online for a consultation.

Tummy Tucks

What is a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck surgically tightens and reshapes your abdomen. Your surgeon at MedWeight and Lasers restores weak or separated abdominal muscles and removes excess skin and fat, creating a tummy that’s flatter, firmer, and better toned.

Are you a good candidate for a tummy tuck?

It’s important to have realistic expectations about what a tummy tuck can, and can’t, accomplish. While your surgeon removes some excess fat, this isn’t weight loss surgery.

A good candidate for a tummy tuck is someone who’s near their ideal body weight but whose abdomen has problem areas, such as pockets of fat, stretched and loose skin, or weak muscles.

You should also be dedicated to maintaining a healthy weight. You can lose all the benefits of a tummy tuck if you gain weight after surgery.

How is tummy tuck surgery performed?

Your surgeon at MedWeight and Lasers makes one or two incisions, depending on the extent of your tummy tuck. A horizontal incision above the pubic hairline is needed to remove fat and repair muscles. Then skin from the upper abdomen is pulled down over the lower abdomen, excess skin is removed, and the incision site is stitched back together.

Tummy tucks require a few weeks of recovery time. You may be able to go back to work after two to four weeks, as long as your job doesn’t involve lifting or strenuous activities.

What is a panniculectomy?

Panniculectomy, also known as an apron removal, is surgery to get rid of excess skin that hangs over the lower abdomen. This type of surgery is commonly done after losing a lot of weight or following a pregnancy -- circumstances that stretch your tummy so much that the skin stays loose. This surgery only removes the skin, so if you have other abdominal issues, you’ll need to consider a tummy tuck.

Why might a tummy tuck scar revision be necessary?  

Some people find that their tummy tuck scar is unsightly. This problem can develop even if you had a high-quality tummy tuck performed by an experienced surgeon.

Your tummy tuck incision takes time to heal. Before it fully heals, the scar can stretch and widen, which easily happens because your abdominal muscles support your body’s core. As a result, you may develop a wider and more prominent scar than you like. The team at MedWeight and Lasers can revise your scar and diminish its appearance.