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Spider veins often develop on your face, where they have a big impact on your appearance and often take a toll on self confidence. The team at MedWeight and Lasers in Irvine, California, have years of experience safely and permanently removing spider veins, no matter where they occur on your body. Call them to learn more about spider vein removal, or schedule an appointment online to start treatment.

Spider Veins

What are spider veins?

Most people are familiar with the classic red-purple-and-blue spider veins that spread like tree branches over their faces and legs. These unsightly veins are small capillaries that are close to the skin’s surface. You usually can’t see them, but over time they enlarge and become visible.

Are you at risk for spider veins?

No one knows the exact cause of spider veins, but there are definite factors that increase your risk for developing these web-like clusters, including:

Age: The risk for spider veins increases as you get older, possibly because capillaries weaken.

Family history: Weak blood vessels and a predisposition to develop spider veins may run in families.

Hormonal changes: Puberty, pregnancy, menopause, and taking hormones increase your risk.

Immobility: Sitting or standing for prolonged time periods affects circulation.

Sunlight: Exposure to ultraviolet light may cause spider veins to form on your face, especially if you’re fair-skinned.

Obesity: Extra weight increases pressure on blood vessels, making them enlarge or weaken.

How does sclerotherapy treat spider veins?

Sclerotherapy eliminates spider veins by injecting a medicated solution directly into the vein. Since spider veins are so close to the skin’s surface, they’re easily and safely injected using a very thin microneedle.

The medication that’s injected makes the veins collapse and shrink. Over the next four to eight weeks, they’re eliminated by the body and completely fade away. New spider veins may gradually develop, but the treated vessels are permanently gone.

Sclerotherapy takes 15-60 minutes, depending on the number of veins and the size of the area treated. Most people return to their normal daily routine right after the procedure.

How do lasers remove spider veins?

Lasers can be set to wavelengths that specifically target the colored pigments in spider veins. When veins absorb laser energy, the heat makes them break down. After your body absorbs and removes the remnants, the veins are permanently removed.

You may experience some redness similar to a slight sunburn following laser treatment for spider veins, but it won’t take long to heal. Your doctor at MedWeight and Lasers gives you care instructions before you leave, which may include avoiding exposure to sunlight. Otherwise, you can get back to your normal daily routine without needing downtime.

*Individual results may vary.