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Whether you want to improve your appearance with fuller lips, or you want to reverse age-related changes in your lips, you’ll get the results you want with lips rejuvenation. The physicians at MedWeight and Lasers, in Irvine, California, have extensive experience restoring lips using fillers and surgical techniques. Call the office if you have any questions, or schedule an appointment online to go in for a lip consultation.

Lip Rejuvenation

What happens to lips as you age?

Your lips change as you get older. The shape of the lips change, they lose volume as the natural layer of fat thins out, and vertical lines often appear, especially if you smoke cigarettes. These concerns can be rejuvenated through surgical and nonsurgical procedures.

How are lips rejuvenated with dermal fillers?

You get natural-looking results with injectable dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid. These products improve lip volume and enhance the shape of asymmetrical lips. Fillers can also correct disproportionate lips, such as when the upper lip is thinner than the bottom lip. Your physician at MedWeight and Lasers may also use dermal fillers to diminish vertical lines that develop around the lips.

It takes 15-30 minutes to inject dermal lip fillers. You notice the results right away, but it takes about two weeks to see the full effect. Results last 4-12 months, depending on the product used.*  You can choose to have another injection to maintain the results.

What is a fat transfer?

A procedure called an autologous lip augmentation takes fat from a different area of your body, then uses it as a lip filler. The fat is simply injected into your lips, but you’ll undergo liposuction to remove the fat from an area like your stomach, hips, or buttocks,

Fat transfers produce a natural look and feel in your lips. You may need several procedures because some of the injected fat may be reabsorbed, but once you achieve the shape and size of lips you want, the results can last for many years.*

What is lip enhancement surgery?

If you’d like a more permanent solution, you can choose from several surgical options:

  • Implant: soft, pliable, silicone implants are inserted underneath lip fat and above lip muscles
  • Lip lift: elevates upper lip to make it look larger, turns up lip corners, diminishes vertical lines
  • Dermal graft: plumps lips by grafting skin from elsewhere on the body, which is rolled to the appropriate size, then inserted into your lips

Your physician at MedWeight and Lasers explains the surgical procedure and your expected recovery time, which varies depending on the procedure. Recovery may take several days or several weeks. You’ll also need to avoid strenuous physical activity during your recovery.

*Individual results may vary.