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Time has the same effect on your hands and face, yet hands often reveal your age before the signs are visible on your face. If you’re ready for your hands to look as young as you feel, the team at MedWeight and Lasers in Irvine, California, offers several hand rejuvenation treatments. Call the office or schedule an appointment online to learn more about restoring your hands with dermal fillers, fat transfers, and skin brightening.

Hand Rejuvenation

What makes your hands age?

Your hands suffer from the same age-related changes that affect your face. Skin produces less collagen and elastin, so it loses strength and becomes fragile. The thin layer of fat normally found underneath the skin begins to thin out, which makes bones and veins more noticeable.

Hands are also exposed to sunlight -- often without the benefit of a sunscreen. Sunlight causes damage that speeds up the loss of fat and dehydrates the skin on your hands, which in turn accelerates the appearance of wrinkles. Ultraviolet light also causes brown spots.

How do dermal fillers rejuvenate hands?

While several dermal fillers effectively rejuvenate hands, they contain different ingredients that have their own impact on your hands.

Some dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a substance that’s naturally produced in your skin. It binds with water to hydrate skin and adds volume. When hyaluronic acid gel is injected under the skin, it restores the appearance of your hands by replacing the lost layer of fat.

Other dermal fillers stimulate collagen production. They may contain small spheres of calcium hydroxylapatite, the same substance in your bones, or they could contain a biochemical that triggers collagen synthesis. Either way, new collagen results in stronger and more youthful skin.

What is a fat transfer?

You can also rejuvenate your hands with a fat transfer, or an autologous fat transplantation. This procedure takes fat from another part of your body, then injects it under the skin of your hands.

Your doctor at MedWeight and Lasers uses liposuction to remove fat from donor sites like the abdomen or buttocks. It takes 10-15 minutes to remove the fat, then after it’s cleaned and processed, it takes up to 20 minutes to inject the fat into your hands.

You may consider plumping facial wrinkles or lips at the same time if extra fat can be removed from the donor site.

How is skin on your hands brightened?

When you decide to rejuvenate your hands, you may also need to eliminate dark spots. Treatment options for skin brightening include:

  • Topical bleaching products
  • Intense pulsed light treatment
  • Resurfacing with lasers, chemical peels or microdermabrasion

How long will results last?

Your results last one year to several years, depending on the procedure performed and the product used.* Dermal fillers used for hand rejuvenation generally the last one to two years. Results from a fat transfer can last several years.


*Individual results may vary.