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Even if you’re at a healthy body weight, you can still have pockets of fat and unsightly cellulite that won’t go away. If you’re ready to eliminate problem areas like love handles, the team at MedWeight and Lasers in Irvine, California, can help with noninvasive body sculpting. They use advanced radio frequency technology to get rid of fat and shape your body, without any downtime. Contact the office to learn about these noninvasive procedures, or schedule an appointment online for body sculpting.

Body Sculpting

What is noninvasive body sculpting?

Body sculpting, also called body contouring, is a cosmetic procedure that removes localized areas of fat. You may be familiar with surgical types of body sculpting, like liposuction. However, noninvasive treatments permanently remove fat without needing an incision.

Noninvasive procedures are effective, but they’re not intended for removing large amounts of fat. As a result, they’re best for people who are already near their healthy body weight.

How does truSculpt® 3D eliminate body fat?

The truSculpt 3D uses radiofrequency (RF) energy released from flat applicators that are placed against your skin and moved over the targeted treatment area. Heat produced by RF breaks down areas of fat found just under the skin.

Thanks to the applicator in two sizes, your doctor at MedWeight and Lasers can treat small areas of your body, as well as larger pockets of fat such as your abdomen.

Treatment of one area lasts 15 minutes, so you can get four pockets of fat treated in a one-hour session. You may lose up to 24% of the fat treated during one session.* You won’t need any recovery time.

How does cellulite develop?

Lumpy cellulite appears when fat manages to push its way up through collagen. Normally collagen is a strong connective tissue, but over time, less collagen is produced and existing collagen can weaken and stretch.

You can develop cellulite even if you never gained weight. Everyone has a thin layer of fat right below the skin. If your collagen weakens, that fat may cause cellulite and its characteristic dimply skin.

How does Venus Legacy™ treat cellulite and other problem areas?

The Venus Legacy is an advanced, noninvasive medical device. It uses proprietary technology that combines Multi-Polar Radio Frequency, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields, and VariPulse™ suction.

They work together to heat tissues beneath the skin, break down fat, stimulate collagen synthesis, and improve blood supply to the area. As a result, treatment diminishes cellulite, tightens skin, and softens wrinkles.

Venus Legacy is safe to use on any type of skin. A single session only takes 15-30 minutes and you won’t need any downtime.


*Individual results may vary.