Medweight and Lasers' Holiday Specials are inspired by Charles Dickens' classic "A Christmas Carol"


Our 12 Days of Christmas Specials have become a tradition that our patients look forward to every Holiday Season. We are proud to be ranked #42 in the nation this year out of 35,000+ aesthetic medical practices in the nation. We're partnering with our suppliers to bring you these Christmas Specials for our patients, their families and friends.

Over 175 years ago Charles Dickens re-vitalized the western world's views Christmas celebrations with his redemption story, "A Christmas Carol". Many of the holiday traditions we enjoy, grew from his story. Revive is committed to help you re-vitalize yourself. We hope you take advantage of this year's specials to help you be your best this holiday season and all next year.

Medweight and Lasers' Christmas "Desserts" Everyone Deserves

This year we're adding a book containing some traditional British dessert recipes. We hope you enjoy at least one of these traditional British holiday desserts during this year's Holiday Season to make this year's specials and your holiday celebrations even sweeter for you and your family.

* Christmas specials are good until Nov. 30, 2020. On Dec. 1, 2020 all un-used treatments will be converted to credit into the patient's account.

  • Medweight and Lasers' 1st and 2nd Days of Christmas Past Special

    Everyone Deserves To Be Thinner

    TruSculpt ID for Permanent Fat Loss: $450/pair of paddles (Save $300/pair, 3 pair minimum, 18 pair limit)

    Day 1's Gift with purchase: Get 1 Alastin TriHex Body Transform Take Home Therapy Boost (Save over $200).



    Medweight and Lasers' 3rd and 4th Days of Christmas Past Special

    Everyone Deserves Brighter Skin

    PICO Packages for brighter skin & melasma: 6 Treatments: $3,000 (Save $2,400) OR 12 Treatments: $4,800 (Save $6,000)

    Day 3's Add-On: Alastin TriHex Transition Duo Kit Pre & Post Take Home Therapy for quicker results $125, Save ($125)

  • Medweight and Lasers' 5th and 6th Days of Christmas Present Special

    Everyone Deserves Confidence

    Filler Special: Buy 1 Filler, Save $150 on additional syringes of dermal filler at the same appointment.

    Day 5's Add-On: IS Clinical's NeckPerfect & Save $25.



    Medweight and Lasers' 7th and 8th Days of Christmas Future Special

    Everyone Deserves Relevance

    Juliet Halo Medium Peel for Skin Rejuvenation and brightening for Face OR Neck OR Body: $500 / area (Save $300 / area) Add-On: Sculptra for improved results $600 (Save $200/vial)

    Day 7's Gift w/ Purchase: 302 Drops for Post Juliet Treatments at no charge (save $75)
    Add-On: Alastin TriHex Transition Duo Kit Pre & Post Take Home Therapy for quicker results $125, (Save $125)

  • Medweight and Lasers' 9th and 10th Days of Christmas Special

    Everyone Deserves To Be Happier

    Combination Special: Genesis Face Packages: 3 Treatments: $675 (Save $75) 6 Treatments: $1,200 (Save $300). Add on bonus: Get a $150 off/syringe of dermal filler at the same appointment (3 syringe limit).
    (Save up to $450)

    Day 9's Gift with Purchase: Alastin Eye Cream OR 302 Drops take-home therapy skin rejuvenation product at no charge (a $75 value).



    Medweight and Lasers' 11th and 12th Days of Christmas Special

    Everyone Deserves To Look Younger

    Secret RF Treatment Packages for smoother, younger looking skin. 3 Treatments for $2,100 and save $600 OR 6 Treatments for $3,600 and save $1,800.

    Day 11's Add: Alastin TriHex Nectar Post Secret RF Home Therapy to greatly improve your results: $100, save ($100)

Everyone Deserves Cyber Monday for Themselves (Expires on Dec. 2, 2019)

All Neuromodulators: $525 for 55 units (Limit 2/company)

With Bonus's Save Up To:

  • $300 on 110 units of Botox
  • $235 on 110 units of Newtox / Jeuveau
  • $170 on 110 units of Dysport

Purchase Bonus Details:

Botox: Brilliant Distinctions Points + $100 on National Botox Day

Dysport: Aspire Points

Newtox / Jeuveau: Save an additional $75 while gift cards last + Evolus Points + receive a collectable "Newtox" Mirror gift w/purchase while supplies last.

* All special offers end on December 24, 2019

  • Medweight's 2019 Christmas Specials Book


    Medweight's Dessert Book


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