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What are RHA Fillers by Revance?


Revance received FDA approval for 3 of its new class of dermal fillers in November of 2020. Revance has been in use in overseas medical provider for years and we’re glad to now have it for our patients.

The uniqueness of RHA fillers is they stretch with your facial movements. The natural results last longer than equivalent fillers. RHA fillers are especially appropriate for physically active patients.

There are currently three levels of RHA fillers, RHA 2, RHA 3, and RHA 4. RHA 2 is for finer lines. RHA 3 is commonly used for an elegant lip filler. And RHA 4 is used when more volume and restoration is warranted in patients.

We are waiting for the FDA to approve RHA 1 which will be more of a long-lasting injectable moisturizer that will internally increase skin moisturization. We will update our website once that approval is announced so patients can finally enjoy the benefits injectable moisturizers that the rest of the world has been utilizing for years.


We lose 1 teaspoon of facial volume every year after 35. Dermal fillers to the rescue! Fillers can improve all areas of our faces and even some areas of our body, especially before we turn 35!

Revive uses filler to re-volumize areas that have lost fullness from aging. Fillers can also enhance almost any area that we want improved. Common injection areas include hollow temples, cheekbones, chins, lines around the mouth, earlobe creases, necks lines, lips, and backs of hands.

Revive also uses fillers to sculpt your jaw and perfect your profile with chin or nose-bridge filler. We can even inject the necklace lines on your chest to turn back the clock below your neck.
Dermal fillers will help you look refreshed and more youthful and can last up to 2 years.


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