What Causes Cellulite and How Can I Get Rid of It?

If you develop cellulite on your body, most commonly on your thighs and buttocks but also elsewhere, you don’t need to worry about it being a sign or symptom of a disease or condition. It’s simply a way that your body’s tissues respond to fat stores. It can, however, be a major cosmetic nuisance for some people, and one that often resists your efforts to combat it.

The reasons behind cellulite

Researchers don’t really know why some people suffer from the effects of cellulite more than others. Your skin connects to muscle by way of fibrous tissue. Since fat resides between skin and muscle, it’s this fibrous connector that causes the dimpling associated with cellulite, restricting how far the fat layer can extend around the tissue connectors.

As fat cells grow, they push out the skin farther away from the tissue connectors. Imagine the buttons on a sofa cushion and you have the idea.

However, the physiology of this connective tissue isn’t the same for everyone. Men, for example, don’t experience cellulite as often as women, but this is partly due to differences in the way the genders store fat. Women’s bodies tend to store more fat in the hips, buttocks, and thighs.

Though weight gain can exaggerate the effects of cellulite, people at optimum weight can still show its effects. Genetics probably plays a role in many cases.

Controlling cellulite with weight loss

Since cellulite comes down to the fatty adipose tissue layer, it’s logical to think of cellulite as connected with excess fat. While there is some connection, losing weight may have little effect on the appearance of cellulite.

While diet and exercise can reduce fat stores and tone muscles, you can’t choose how and where your body burns fat to make up calorie deficits. If fat from the typical cellulite areas isn’t being drawn on, your cellulite remains.

Improved muscle tone can alter your shape for the better, but the connective tissue isn’t altered, so that tone probably won’t change the appearance of cellulite much.

Venus Legacy™ treatments and cellulite

Since you can’t do much about the condition of fat cells or change the nature of the fibrous connective tissue, your skin is the only part of the cellulite equation left to address. If only there were a way to add volume to your skin to fill in the cellulite dimples. It turns out there is!

One of the most exciting developments in aesthetic treatment in the last decade has been the rise of noninvasive cosmetic technology. Laser, radiofrequency (RF), and electromagnetic (EM) systems have all come into play to treat various cosmetic issues, and the field continues to grow.

The Venus Legacy system combines RF and EM energy to stimulate the production of collagen in your skin’s middle layers while breaking down fat underneath the skin. Essentially, the energy delivered by the Venus Legacy handpiece warms both collagen and fat just enough so that these cells are damaged and targeted by the body for removal.

In the case of collagen, the body both removes the compromised tissue and sends the signal to start production of new collagen. This is a typical skin healing response, and collagen is the substance that fills out and hydrates your skin. As you age, the changes from a younger complexion are typically due in part to the loss of natural collagen.

The exciting part of the Venus Legacy treatment is that its VariPulse™ technology uses gentle suction to allow warming energy to penetrate deeper, into the upper layers of adipose tissue — the tissue that forms the cushiony bulges around the cellulite dimples. Fat tissue, however, isn’t normally replaced when damaged.

The combined double action of the Venus Legacy system adds smoothing collagen while removing bulging fat. This combination is your best chance to defeat the appearance of cellulite dimples. Everyone’s case is different, so make an appointment with MedWeight and Lasers so your medical aesthetic caregiver can examine you and let you know what improvements you can expect.

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