How G-spot Injections Can Improve Your Sexual Satisfaction

The value of sex in a romantic relationship cannot be overemphasized. Not only does it feel great, but can also improve your sense of wellbeing. Some studies suggest that sex can help to reduce depression, enhance happiness in a relationship, boost the immune system, and increase fertility. But one question remains: How satisfied are you with the sex that you have, and is it possible to enhance your satisfaction?

Going for a G-spot injection, also referred to as the O-Shot can turn things around for you. The O-Shot has helped women in the United States to fix sexual dysfunctions and achieve orgasm. Here at MedWeight and Lasers, we would like to keep you in the know by sharing some interesting facts about the G-spot injections.

The O-shot

The orgasm shot entails injecting hyaluronic acid directly into the G-spot. This treatment helps to increase the size of your G-spot, labia, and clitoris. The procedure has been proven to correct sexual dysfunctions and improve sexual pleasure. Some patients claim they achieved orgasm for the first time after getting the O-Shot.

How the treatment works

This treatment aims to increase sensitivity around the injected parts of the vagina as well as stimulate the growth of new cells. Usually, it would take six to eight weeks to restore nerve endings in your vagina.

Why some women do not achieve orgasm

Though it can be challenging to tell what actually causes orgasmic dysfunctions, we are aware that psychological, physical, and emotional factors may add to the problem. Common causes include gynecological surgery, medical conditions, relationship issues, stress, depression, history of sexual abuse, shyness, and older age.

The procedure is painless

The O-shot is painless, and it has no downtime. Also, you can resume sex on the same day. It has no limitations.

Length of the procedure

At MedWeight and Lasers, you can book a consultation with our surgeons, to discuss the procedure as well as any other concern you may have. Once you are ready, the treatment takes only a few minutes.

What to expect

Most women will experience heightened sensitivity and arousal during sexual stimulation. The ability to experience deep vaginal orgasms will be easier to achieve and also be more intense. Though physically you will be the same, your sexual partner is likely to notice your enhanced pleasure and the more fulfilling orgasms.

How long it can last

This varies. With the advanced filler, the durability studies in the other tissues indicate that it will last for several months. Advanced fillers last for over 18 months following a series of two injections. However, Fascian (collagen) fillers may only be effective for up to four months.

Benefits of the G-spot injection

Some benefits of receiving an orgasm shot include no downtime, sexual activity resumed within hours, completed in minutes, often lasts for several months, improves the ability to find the G-spot, and enhances sexual pleasure in most women.

Side effects to the O-Shot

Fortunately, there has been no major side effect reported in the countries where this procedure is performed.

Possible side effects may include swelling, hypersensitivity, urinary tract infection, and yeast infection.

Some women have reported heightened vaginal sensitivity, as well as continuous and excessive orgasms with the slightest stimulation.

Where to get help

You deserve great sex. Call 949-339-1624 today. We are happy to help you improve and revitalize your physical and sexual wellness.

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