How Do Thread Lifts Work?

How Do Thread Lifts Work?

Does saggy, wrinkled skin make you look older on the outside than you feel on the inside? Surgical facelifts offer amazing results, but they come with many risks and a lengthy recovery time. 

Thanks to advances in aesthetic medicine, Medweight, Lasers & Wellness Centers, in Irvine, California, has a better solution: new thread lifts. This innovative and minimally invasive procedure uses surgical-grade, high-density polydioxanone (PDO) threads to give you amazing results in under 30 minutes. Here’s a closer look at how they work.

What is a thread lift?

Before you have a thread lift, you meet with a skin specialist who evaluates your skin and reviews your goals for treatment. Your provider then strategically places surgical-grade threads under your skin to pull, lift, and tighten the sagging skin. Thread lifts can be performed almost anywhere, including these areas:

Your Medweight, Lasers & Wellness Centers provider can also use thread lifts to tighten excess or loose skin that forms after significant weight loss or pregnancy. Your provider may also suggest other aesthetic treatments to give you the best results possible or if thread lifts aren’t the right choice for you.

What makes a thread lift effective?

The secret behind the success of thread lifts lies in the high-density polydioxanone threads, which are placed under your skin and have tiny barbs that are too small to cause pain. These barbs grab your skin and keep hold of your muscles and tissues as your provider tightens each thread.

We place each thread using a needle, and once each thread is pulled, they not only hold your skin tight, but the microscopic wounds created by the needle and barbs trigger your body’s natural healing processes and stimulate an increase in the production of collagen and elastin, which are the proteins that create the foundation of your skin.

The result? Tighter, younger-looking skin, all without incisions, scalpels, or surgery! In fact, one of the biggest benefits of getting a thread lift is avoiding the lengthy recovery time required with a surgical facelift. 

Thread lifts use only topical (local) anesthetics, so you can drive yourself to and from your treatment. You can return to work right away, and you don’t need to take any pain medication or worry about getting help around the house after getting a thread lift.

What can I expect after a thread lift?

You can expect to see noticeable improvements immediately after treatment with optimal results after about three months. The threads dissolve after 6-8 months, but with the added boost to your natural collagen and elastin production, you’ll enjoy the effects of a thread lift for up to three years. And with maintenance treatments, you can keep your new look even longer!

Side effects are minimal, though you may have mild swelling or bruising. Your Medweight, Lasers & Wellness Centers provider will give you specific post-procedure instructions, but you’ll likely be asked to avoid strenuous exercise or physical activity for about three weeks and dental work for about two weeks to give your skin time to heal.

Be sure to discuss any areas you’d like to treat with your MedWeight, Lasers & Wellness Centers provider to learn if a thread lift can help you. If a thread lift is not an option, your provider may recommend other aesthetic treatments to help you meet your goals.

To see if a thread lift can help you turn back the hands of time, call 949-339-1624 or book an appointment online with MedWeight, Lasers & Wellness Centers today.

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