Don’t Let Your Hands Give Away Your Age

Many women spend time and money improving the appearance of their facial skin, but they often ignore their hands. Don’t let your hands give away your age! The team of aesthetic experts at Medweight, Lasers & Wellness Centers in Irvine, California, offer different types of hand rejuvenation therapies, so your hands can match your face. 

Here’s what you need to know about aging hands and what you can do about them.

The skinny on aging hands

Have you been noticing veins and bone structures erupting over time on your hands? In fact, this landscape of peaks and valleys on the surface of hands is a dead giveaway of older age. 

This is because as we age, the thin layer of fat that lies just below the surface of your hands’ skin can begin to disappear. And, as the fat volume diminishes, the veins and support structures in your hands can begin to peek through. 

Furthermore, the skin on your hands can also change and show their years. Sun exposure can trigger photoaging in your skin, and chemicals, such as those from certain soaps, can strip your skin of their natural oils. 

What’s more? Production of collagen and elastin, the proteins that help keep your skin tight and elastic, can begin to decrease in your late 20s. By the time you hit your 40s and beyond, it can decline rapidly and lead to translucent skin that wrinkles easily and develops age spots. 

Fortunately, the team at MedWeight, Lasers & Wellness Centers can restore your hands by treating the root causes of visible aging.  

Pump up the volume

To restore your hands to their youthful state, it’s important to combat the diminished fat layer under the surface of your skin. At MedWeight, Lasers & Wellness Centers, we offer two ways to pump up the volume of your hands: dermal fillers and fat transfers.

Dermal fillers

Our team can use different types of dermal fillers, depending on your unique situation and goals. Dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid can hydrate your skin and add volume to restore the appearance of the lost fat layer. Other dermal fillers can trigger your body’s production of collagen. With more collagen, the skin of your hands can be stronger, tighter, and younger looking.

Fat transfers

With a fat transfer, your provider takes fat from one area of your body, such as your buttocks or abdomen, and injects it into your hands. If you opt for a fat transfer, you could use any excess fat to plump your lips and smooth out facial wrinkles at the same time.  

While results can vary from patient to patient, the increased volume from dermal fillers typically lasts 1-2 years, while fat transfers usually last several years. 

Brighten your skin

Increasing the volume below your skin can go a long way to creating younger-looking hands, but it’s also important to address the surface of your skin. Skin rejuvenation can brighten the skin on your hands and diminish the appearance of dark spots.

Your provider at MedWeight, Lasers & Wellness Centers can evaluate your hands and recommend a treatment that will give you the best possible results. Your provider may recommend any of the following treatments to renew your skin:

To get started with our age-defying hand rejuvenation services, book an appointment online or over the phone with MedWeight, Lasers & Wellness Centers today.

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