Begin Laser Hair Removal Treatment Now And Be Silky Smooth By Summer

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Summer is almost here. If you’re still dealing with shaving, waxing, or using a depilatory product, you can begin laser hair removal treatment instead and put that razor on the shelf. In just a few months you can be ready to show off your silky smooth summer body without concern that unwanted hair will cause embarrassment.

Laser hair removal is the most effective method for removing unwanted hair from your legs, arms, back, shoulders, and chest. The treatments can also eliminate hair above your lip, and on your chin, face, and bikini area. Your laser hair removal treatment takes a few sessions to remove hair completely, so begin your treatment now to be finished by summertime.

How laser hair removal works to help you stay silky smooth

The science behind laser hair removal is fascinating. Because your hair follicles go through cycles of active growth followed by periods when they’re inactive, and because lasers are only able to zap a follicle during a growth phase, not all hair will be treated at the same time. Your follicles maintain individual schedules, so while some are resting, others are growing hair. The resting period can last about 3-4 months, and multiple treatments over the course of several weeks is necessary.

Laser technology has the remarkable ability to target hair follicles and treat them directly so that the hair is destroyed, while the surrounding tissue remains unharmed. The pigment in the follicles absorbs the laser’s energy, and the follicle is heated to a point that destroys its ability to grow hair.

What is involved in laser hair removal

Prior to your laser hair removal treatment you’ll need to stop tweezing and waxing the hair that’s going to be targeted. The reason for this is that plucking and waxing your hair can temporarily remove the roots, which need to be intact for your treatment. You should also avoid excessive sun exposure for about six weeks prior to your laser hair removal.

The laser technician may use a numbing gel to keep you comfortable. The length of your laser hair removal session depends on the area that’s treated -- the bigger the area, the more time it takes. You’ll require several more treatments over the course of a few months.

The laser delivers pulses of light, which is the energy that destroys the follicles. After your treatment session you may experience some tingling, a bit of swelling, and possibly some redness, much like a sunburn, but these side effects go away on their own in a few days. No downtime is needed, so you can resume your normal activities immediately.

Schedule treatment now to be beach body ready

Laser hair removal’s benefits extend beyond your silky smooth legs and underarms, face, and bikini line. Our laser hair removal treatment can get rid of hair just about anywhere on your body. We give you the freedom to dare to go bare, without worry.

So put that razor away and say goodbye to painful waxing. Banish unwanted hair once and for all with laser treatments. Contact MedWeight & Lasers in Irvine, California, today for a silky-smooth summer body.

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