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Dr. O‘Reilly believes there are no two people the alike, therefore not one diet will work for everybody. The premier weight-loss doctor in Orange County, CA for over 20 years, Dr. O‘Reilly believes in customizing each patient‘s diet to suit an individuals needs.

These custom diets take into account your health status, required weight loss and dietary habits. There are several tools that the Doctor will incorporate to make the weight loss process as easy as possible for the patient. Some of these tools include use of protein products, appetite suppressants and other medications, along with counseling and dietary recommendations.

Dr. O‘Reilly starts all her patients with a baseline physical to include: physical exam; blood work; and ECG/EKG (Electrocardiogram) to determine the patient‘s health status before any diet is determined. She will then review the results with the patient to discuss the possible options available to the patient to achieve the desired weight loss. Dr. O‘Reilly has helped thousands of individuals over the years to achieve their goals with great success.


Rapid Weight Loss with HCG


The Rapid Weight Loss Program is designed for people who have difficulty losing weight. Although weight loss may vary from person to person, the average person loses 1/2 - 1 pound per day. Injections are received 5 days per week while patients follow a very strict low calorie and very low fat diet. The injections contain vitamins, minerals, and natural substances to help reduce appetite, mobilize stored fat deposits for more rapid burning and maintain a high energy level. This is an 8 week program which consists of a 6 week treatment period of 5 injections per week followed by a 2 week step down period in which injections are only given once a week. 


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