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We want you to feel good in your own skin! MedWeight & Lasers offers care for most all skin conditions and ailments, provides customized diet plans and access to top-tier cosmetic services at affordable rates.

Medical Weight Loss & Family Practice

At the initial consultation, Dr. O'Reilly will build your personal history and ask questions regarding what you have tried in the past, what has worked for you and what has not, what you liked and what you didn't. This information is incredibly important in establishing a "custom program" just for you. The doctor will require several tests (EKG, urine analysis, physical exam, blood work - including thyroid testing) and begin nutritional counseling. She may recommend appetite suppressants and other medications to help in the process.

With additional office visits, our Doctor and Medical Staff will review your progress, refine your diet plan, review food diary, and make necessary modification to diet and discuss other options that can assist in weight-loss.


Dr. O’Reilly has been treating patients for over 25 years. Our services include, but not limited to high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), insulin resistance, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), thyroid disease, cold and flu, bladder infections, adult and teenage weight control and acne.

Botox & Fillers

Dr. O‘ Reilly has been administering Botox® and Fillers for 8 years and is considered by her patients to have the highest level of expertise and greatest level of satisfaction.

Laser Treatments

We also offer a full range of laser skin care services in a highly professional and private environment. Our skin treatments include laser services to remove blemishes, skin tightening, wrinkle removal, hair removal, laser tattoo removal, and more!

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Clinic Hours

Our clinic is open for appointments and consultations during the following hours:


Monday- 9am-5:30pm

Tuesday- 10am- 7:30pm

Wednesday- 9am- 5:30pm

Thursday- 10am- 7:30pm

No Interest Payment Plans Available

Did you know that we offer No Interest Payment Plans? Get started on the treatments you desire and pay nothing for almost a full month!

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